Unik Fit: Train like a Rock Star

In a recent article with Gotham Magazine well-known Last Stand for Lucy bass player Derek Nicholas shared his passion for fitness. Nicholas manages to stay very active by participating in activities such as snowboarding, golfing, cycling and as a personal trainer.  Nicholas trains at the Rich Barretta Private Training facility where he works with very high-end clients.  Committed to a healthy life style Derek eats as much raw or whole foods as possible.   He explains that training is only a small part of what produces results, “If you work out for one hour, there are 23 other hours in the day that you’re not working out” says Nicholas.  View below some training tips offered by Derek.

-Incorporate high-rep resistance training; the point behind this is to build up lactic acid, which will eventually need to be metabolized.

-Change your pace and frequency often, this helps keep your body guessing.

-Interval training is key Derek suggests “On a track, run half a lap as hard as you can then walk the curve.”  Your heart will reach what’s called an anaerobic threshold; it’s vital that during recovery your heart decreases by 80 percent.

-Eat small meals every three hours. To get started begin incorporating sweet potato, oatmeal and brown rice as a way to moderate your glycemic starches.

-Eating organic helps omit chemicals.

For more information visit Gotham Magazine.


Nadia Murdock is a PR Guru and the CEO of Manchester Public Relations and a writer for the NY Fitness Examiner.

Image by Derek Nicholas Facebook Profile

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