Unik Fit: Would you wear Trim Treads?

This shoe comes in a Sandal, Clog and Boot!  You can keep your legs in shape all year long, here is how it works!

When standing focus on balancing on the flat part of the shoe under the ball of your foot. You want to try and stand with your feet parallel to the ground, just as if you were barefooted. The effort to maintain balance will help your core and leg muscles.


  • Greatly improved balance and inner core strength,
  • Better posture
  • Muscle toning benefits from wearing the shoes.

To target the muscles on the back side of your legs, from your ankles to your buttocks you are going to do heel & toe lifts.  Start with the heel of the shoe resting on the ground, then repeatedly lifting up to the point of balance on the flat part of the shoe, then back down. Repeat this move for your desired number of sets, over time you will start to see a difference.  If you wish to target the front of the legs roll forward on the angled part of the shoe just beneath your toes then back to the point of balance under the flat part of the shoe, this move works your buttocks.

Wear your Trim Treads for at least 30 minutes a day and see results!

Flip Flops: $39

Clogs: $60

Boots: $80

For more information visit www.trimtreads.com

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Nadia Murdock is a PR Guru and the CEO of Manchester Public Relations and a writer for the NY Fitness Examiner.

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