Unik Is Now Life With Style

After seven years of blogging under the name Unik, I’ve decided to rebrand and change the name of my blog. I feel that the name is no longer unique, since about 100 companies currently have the same name as me. When I first started the shop and blog, no one had the name Unik or Unik Apparel, but now almost everyday I get an email that is meant to one of the many “Unik” companies out there. I even have a canned response on Gmail just for those type of emails. I get tired of saying’ “you have reached the wrong Unik.” More than that, I’ve outgrown writing just about apparel things.

In my life outside of blogging, I do write about style, but also lifestyle, travel, beauty, and I also blog for some companies about marketing and give business tips. That variety of topics keeps me happy and learning about all kinds of things.

For the past year, I’ve been brainstorming a new name behind the scenes. It wasn’t an easy process. Changing the name of the blog also meant pretty much starting from scratch with the new blog and creating a whole new community. After so many stressful nights, I finally found a name that I love. Say hello to Life With Style!

It was a tough choice to let go of this name and the brand, but I’m happy with my choice and how it represents myself and my business. Big thanks to everyone that has been reading, and supporting from the start and I hope you continue to hang with me at Life With Style.

Author: Rose Wheeler

Hey, I'm Rose! I work with words on a daily basis as a content manager and writer. When I'm not working with my awesome clients, I enjoy cooking, yoga, styling, blogging and curling up with a good book.

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