Hi Guys! I’m so happy to be back here blogging after a few weeks off. Today, I’m sharing a few photos from our wedding day on July 7th. The photos were collected from my sister-in-law and both of our moms, since our photographer is still working on the good ones.

Our wedding day was kind of amazing and surreal. It was an elopement, but our moms and my husband’s sister were there. I couldn’t wait to get ready, but somehow time was moving super slow. Our wedding took place at the courthouse, but we got married outside in their beautiful garden in a terrace by the water.

Because of the whole courthouse element, I was a little nervous that the day would be like a trip to the DMV. It was a little stressful while we waited to get our license and to be called to be married, but when we finally arrived at our ceremony it was all wonderful from that point on.

The ceremony was short, but sweet and meaningful. It felt like it was just us pledging our love for one another. After the ceremony, we all went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Old Town, San Diego. We toasted with some yummy margaritas and had an amazing time. We stayed at a gorgeous loft type room at The Hilton (in the Gaslamp) for our wedding night.

Looking back, I absolutely had the best wedding day. I got exactly what I wanted (a very small/private wedding), I love what I wore and had a wonderful time with our loved ones.

Author: Rose Wheeler

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