Wedding Dresses Under $100

Every second Monday of the month, I have my outfit for less section on Make Me Over Eb. This Monday it was about wedding gowns for less. I spend the past three weeks looking for outfits and dresses to put together for the show for under $100. I found two that I like and one vintage that I wouldn’t wear, but it may help someone else.

Target surprise me with a very classy dress. It’s perfect for destination weddings or a second marriage wedding. The dress was so affordable that I was able to make a complete outfit for under $100. Perfect for the bride that wants to splurge on their honeymoon!

This elegant dress is from It actually sold as I was putting the research together. It’s very form fitting and I love the flowy princess seam. I think that when you buy such an important gown online. You should have a seamstress on stand by. Even though the measurements are posted it could differ from your body. You wan all eyes on you that day, but not because your mooning the crowd. Shop online, but have realistic expectations!

weddingoutfit2This dress is 50′ inspired. It’s a very typical wedding dress. I found it on It’s cute, but not for me. I’m such a small girl that I would get washed out wearing this. I do think that for someone taller and leaner it could work. I would definitely wear my hair differently. The hair in this picture is taking away from the dress and the detail at the bust.

These are very affordable wedding gowns. If you want to know more about weddings on a budget listen this month to Make Me Over Eb podcast. This month is matrimony month in her show, and she has some great advice and ideas.

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