Weekend Look: Chic Halloween Costume

Chic Halloween Costume

Happy Friday! I absolutely love this budget friendly costume idea. If I wasn’t going as Little Red Riding Hood (the one from Once Upon A Time), I would definitely go as a flapper gal.  The dress and headpiece are included with the costume and I’m pretty sure most of these accessories you already have in your closet. The ones you don’t have are listed below at reasonable prices.

Shop the look:
1-Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick: $32, Saks Fifth Avenue
2-Beaded Draped Chain Necklace: $6, FOREVER 21
3-Women’s Flapper Costume: $37, Target
4-Black Pumps: $88, CHROMATICgallerie
5-Cigarette Holder: $1.10, Moon Costumes
6-Essie Red Nail Polish: $8, Nordstrom

I hope you guys have a fun & relaxing weekend!!
P.S. Have you entered the giveaway yet? 🙂

Author: Rose Wheeler

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