Weekend Treats and Lemonade Stand

lemonadestandcollageI’ve been researching sites all day to pitch my web design services and for some reason they all have been about pastries. Torture! I’m in pastry heaven right now dreaming about cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and anything that is sweet and delicious. How I wish we could eat all the pastries we wanted and not gain a pound πŸ™‚

In honor, of my current sweet craving I give you Lemonade Stand. A delicious Etsy store with yummy treats and that helps the pediatric cancer battle with every purchase. Indulging in sweets can help a good cause!

Visit Lemonade Stand and buy all the yummy treats possible. Don’t worry about is for charity!


IMAGES BY Lemonade Stan

Author: Rose Wheeler

Rose Wheeler works with words on a daily basis as a content manager, writer and blogger. When she's not working with her awesome clients, Rose enjoys cooking, yoga, blogging, styling, and running her online boutique.

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