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I hope everyone it’s having a nice weekend! Mine is going great. Zombies have invaded my home, almost literally. I have been playing the new Resident Evil game (yes some fashionistas like playing video games) and watching old and new Zombie movies all week. The old ones make me laugh with the terrible effects and slow moving zombies, but the new ones have me intrigued. I was watching Resident Evil 3 tonight, besides loving how the women in the film for example Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter in the last one always kick ass. I can’t help but notice that their costumes are quite different and better suited than the ones in the games.

As a devoted video game player, the women in the games usually have outfits that breasts are sticking out, bikinis, some times thongs, and the majority of the time they are almost naked running around trying to save the world. Something that a real women would never do. I see why they do that to attract their target market to keep playing and mostly because these characters are design by men who have no idea that running almost naked in an apocalypse situation and breast sticking out don’t work. In reality you’ll be wearing whatever is comfortable and accessible. It’s nice to see that the Resident Evil movies thought about how to dress a women before she goes to kick some ass. They still look sexy and cute, but they look comfortable and ready for some action. I want to share some of my favorite Resident Evil outfits:

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