What You Need For a Day of Relaxing and Pampering at Home

Happy Friday! I’m definitely looking forward to two days off for relaxing and getting up late. Some weekends, I watch shows on Netflix to unwind while others I devote time for a little bit of pampering. I can’t go to a spa every week, so I like to get pamper at home. Put on a cute robe, exfoliate my face with a nice face scrub, draw myself a nice bath and just enjoying a little R&R.

Relaxing and Pampering at Home Must-Haves

Relaxing and Pampering at Home

Since everyone needs a day off every once in a while, below I’ve rounded up my seven favorite spa essentials for a relaxing day at home.

  1. Robe. All I need is a girly-looking and comfy robe to hang around the house. I adore this one from Plum Pretty Sugar. Perfect for when you just want to stay in pajamas all day!
  2. Sleep mask. I put this sleep mask on when I want to take a long nap and not be bother by the sun or anyone.
  3. Candle. My pampering session starts with lighting my favorite candle to set the mood.
  4. Bath salts. I like taking a long, relaxing bath on weekends. I either do a bubble bath or one with bath salts.
  5. Lotion. During my bath, I like to exfoliate so when I get out I always put on a hydrating body lotion that leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth.
  6. Slippers. My feet are always cold so I like wearing pretty slippers to keep them warm.
  7. Throw blanket. Since my favorite past times are watching shows, playing games and just overall chilling at home. My throw blanket and my dog are my binge-watching partners in crime.

What about you? Let me know your relaxing must-haves in the comments.

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